What is Freempt?

Freempt is a place to share goods and services within your local community.

Our primary objectives are:

  1. Provide a platform to improve community support infrastructures.
  2. Improve community interaction and reliance.
  3. Reduce waste by offering goods and services locally. (Less trash, less gas)
  4. Reduce the costs of goods and services by trading locally. Removing costs incurred by business overhead and profit margins.

Hire a babysitter, borrow a lawnmower, trade handiwork for vegetables, give your unwanted items a new place to live and meet your neighbors in the process.


Who are we?

We are urban expats. Technologically saavy, but socially, economically, politically and ecologically minded. We're surrounded by people with diverse skills, agriculture to trade, tools to borrow and needs of their own. We're interested in supporting our local community, but we didn't want to stop there. We wanted to provide the platform for other communities to benefit as well.